What do you need to check before each trip?

luxurious yacht

Before you decide to sail, you should have some skills or be with someone who knows how to manage a yacht. If you would like to go on holiday due to sporting activities, it is advisable to go on a cruise earlier. Yacht Croatia must be fully checked before each cruise to make it truly safe. Yacht chartering is also ideal for people who are okay with minimal space offered. Off-season, however, this may not be a problem, because even with a low price you can rent a real luxury. 

Sailing at the sea

Sports sailboats offer a sporting experience, lots of adventure and adrenaline at sea. If you went on a vacation because of sporting activities, it is advisable to choose a sport sailboat. The sailboats are stable and cannot be sunk due to the load. In addition to classic sailing boats, Croatia also offers luxury sailing yachts renting. Although yachts don’t give you the same sense of free sailing as sailboats, there is no reason to be worried about losing anything of it. On a luxury yacht, you will have a lot of fun with water sports or sailing along the Croatian coast. 


For each cruise, navigation is very important so that you do not have a problem with the surrounding coast or getting lost. Navigation includes maps which mark the entire coastline route. You also need a compass, pencil or ruler. The telescope is also a good aid for navigation, and it is a part of many luxury yachts. Yachts in Croatia also have shipping documents that contain a sailing permit, liability insurance or other documents. Nowadays it is easier. You can just download some application in a few seconds and you can navigate as a real professional. The best app is for example Navionics. 

Technical equipment

Before the cruise, it is important to check the technical equipment so that you do not have any problems with the management of the yacht Croatia.  Be sure to check the battery and water status on the taskbar. All functions must be in order before sailing. Luxury sailing yachts have perfectly tailored navigation devices and autopilot, but you will have to pay more for luxury cruises. In case of any problem you must have the VHF transmitter on hand. Yachts in Croatia also have in standard equipment GPS, autopilot, air-conditioning and diesel generator, which can help you to navigate. You should chart a yacht just after a careful inspection. If you want, you can also use real expert services, for example luxurysailing.eu.